- natural and careful measure

- application for water bank protection and (strongly inclined) hillside stabilization

- consists of bundled tree brunches and twigs (max. length and diameter see technical and design parameters)

- bundles consist of living wood ; additional use of death wood (max. 50 %) possible

- plants/branches are fast rooting

- Common bundle material for hydraulic engineering  hazel, willow (branches): e.g. S. viminalis, S. purpurea

- common bundle material for earthwork/hillside stabilization  shrub willow (branches): e.g. S. fragilis, S. alba

- willow is commonly used because of its characteristics  length, flexibility, elasticity, form

- twigs are bundled with steel cables

- hardwood cuttings or dowels serve as fixation for the prepared bundles

- every bundle is fixed with several hardwood cuttings  willow is used for cuttings

- horizontal installation of fascines (see figure - left)

- rooting fascine branches give (additional) stabilization and reduce risk of erosion

- fascines are covered with bushes; bushes grow on fascine and support stability of the water bank or hillside - simpler forms of hillside stabilization exist

- use of fast rooting plants/cuttings

- Plants are established on hills with strong inclination (hazel, willow…)

Basic information

Retrofitting + Creation


Evapotranspiration 1 1
Shading none none
Reflection (Albedo) none
Water Conveyance none
Water Infiltration 1
Water Retention 1
Water Storage none
Water Reuse none
Water Filtering 1
Water Bio-remediation none
Deposition none
Bio-filtration none
Habitat Provision 2
Connectivity 1
Beauty / Appearance 1
Usability / Functionality none
Social Interaction none
Role of Nature / Mode of Action: 
imitation/simulation of natural vegetation layers with strong and branched root networks
Conditions for Implementation: 
Good timing for construction, planting is needed (low water flow, no rainfall)
Benefits & Limitations: 
Benefits - Near-natural protection of hillsides and river banks, - benefits for biodiversity Limitations - stability of river bank is difficult to calculate, foresee - pre-selection of only robust species

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 730052 Topic: SCC-2-2016-2017: Smart Cities and Communities Nature based solutions