Genova is the biggest city in the Liguria Region and is characterised by a narrow coastal zone with hills and steep mountains in the backcountry. Genova is the third largest city in Northern Italy in number of inhabitants, as the population amounts to 607 000 people. This number increases to 850 000 when considering the whole metropolitan area.

Genova is plagued by frequent flooding which has resulted in significant destruction in the past, primarily due to intense rainfall on a highly urbanised landscape. The city faces numerous environmental challenges relating to extreme weather conditions, water management issues, heat stress, and water and air pollution.

Nature-based solutions to key climate- and water-related challenges will be demonstrated in Genova’s Lagaccio district, a central and densely populated district characterised by disorganised post-war urbanisation mainly formed by residential multi-storey buildings and derelict sites. The Lagaccio district occupies a core area of Genova, connecting the old port, the historic town centre and the 850-ha Peralto natural park with is historical architectural structures.

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